Wallet Lost in Antarctica 53 Years Ago Returned to Owner | The Adventure Blog

13-Month Tour of Duty in the Antarctic

Paul Grisham was a career Navy man, enlisting in 1947 and serving as a weather technician and forecaster for 30 years. In 1967 he drew the unenviable duty of being sent to the Antarctic as part of a team that supported a civilian research project there. He would end up spending 13 months at the bottom of the world, assisting with data collection for a study on the Antarctic environment there.

A Curious Find

The wallet was discovered in 2014 at McMurdo Station, located on Ross Island in the Antarctic. But even though it contained the identification of the man who had lost it, tracking down Grisham-who is now 91-proved more challenging than expected. After all, at the time it had been more than 45 years since he’d even been there.

A Different Era in the Antarctic

In sharing his thoughts on the discovery of the missing wallet, Grisham has also offered insights into what it was like in the Antarctic back in the last 1960s. He was there as part of a program known as Operation Deep Freeze, which kept him away from home for more than a year. And while McMurdo was about as remote as it could get, the Naval meteorologist did enjoy a daily post-work martini while staying at the base.



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