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Made for the Trail

Merrell has a long history of making sturdy, supportive, and well-designed hiking boots, earning themselves a huge fanbase amongst casual and serious hikers alike. Much of those same sensibilities have carried over to the company’s line of trail running shoes, including the MQM Flex 2.

Gore-Tex Invisible Fit Waterproofing

While Merrell does make a standard version of the MQM Flex, the model I tested includes a Gore-Tex Invisible Fit waterproof liner. As you would expect, this gives the shoe a high degree of waterproofing, which is also a nice feature to have out on the trail. Whether you’re crossing small streams, running in the rain, or slopping through mud and snow, keeping your feet dry is an essential part of staying comfortable.

Comfort On and Off the Trail

One of the things that first caught my attention about the MQM Flex 2 is how comfortable they are on your feet. Not only do they provide plenty of cushioning, but they are also designed to move with your foot as it adjusts to the changing terrain and environment. The aforementioned Quantum Grip sole flexes nicely as you run, enhancing the runner’s connection with the ground at all times.

Big Shoes to Fill

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a fairly big fan of these shoes. Any trail running footwear that can provide the level of performance that the MQM Flex 2 has is likely to find a loyal audience. That said, there were a few nits I had to pick despite my overall sense of satisfaction.

Priced Right

If you’ve read any of my past reviews, you know that I often label something like a relative bargain for the price. In some instances, I have said that a product is too expensive, even when it offers many features and functionality. However, for the MQM Flex 2, I’d say that Merrell has managed to hit the right price point.



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